An essay for the recording of illustrious providences 1684

Concerning things preternatural which have hapned in New- England. Joseph Glanvill, a young Oxford theologian, one of the keenest of English philosophic minds, and withal one of the most rational, had taken a brief for the defence, and in a brilliant essay on "the vanity of dogmatizing" had in turned the guns of the rationalists upon themselves.

Since when said Mary has been freed from those Satanical Molestations. Mompesson reading his Pass, and knowing the hands of those Gentlemen, whose Names were pretended to be subscribed, discovered the Cheat, and commanded the Vagrant to put off his Drum, and ordered a Constable to secure him: The Glass-Windows shattered to pieces by stones that seemed to come not from without but within; the Lead of the Glass Casements, Window-Bars, etc.

Prior to this, the term existed as a slang word for a person who was regarded as a simpleton, or as foolish.

An Essay for the Recording of Illustrious Providences

Some Proposals concerning the Recording of Illustrious Providences. Still he continued under Terror, and said he should do so, as long as the Covenant which he had signed, remained in the hands of the Devil.

At his departure, he left behind him a Sulphurous smell, which was very offensive. Andere, tegenwoordig vergeten vrouwelijke dichters uit de 18e eeuw zijn Elizabeth Graeme Fergusson en Annis Boudinot Stockton. Davenport, to whom he "cannot write for the present.

It should be noted, however, that prior to this there may be found occasional instances of manipulate being used; there does not appear to be any great semantic consistency to these uses, which are sprinkled throughout the 17th and 18th centuries.

All the time of his restraint and absence, the House was quiet. Zijn bekendste werk als theoloog en historicus was een kerkgeschiedenis van New England, die in onder de titel Magnalia Christi Americana werd gepubliceerd. Glanvil's Collection of Mod-ern Relations, P.

Amerikaanse literatuur

Within a night or two after, the Man and his Wife received both of them a blow upon their heads, but it was so dark that they could not see the stone which gave it ; the Man had his Cap pulled off from his head while he sat by the fire.

They put him to bed, and he was attended with the same iterated loss of his clothes, shaking off his Bed-board, and Noises, that he had in his last conflict; they took him up, designing to sit by the fire, but the doors clattered, and the Chair was thrown at him, wherefore they carried him to the Doctors house, and so for that night all was well.

On December 8, in the Morning, there were five great Stones and Bricks by an invisible hand thrown in at the west [Page 24] end of the house while the Mans Wife was making the Bed, the Bedstead was lifted up from the floor, and the Bedstaff [39] flung out of the Window, and a Cat was hurled at her; a long Staff danced up and down in the Chimney; a burnt Brick, and a piece of a weatherboard were thrown in at the Window: De reis van de Viking Leif Eriksson in naar Newfoundland wordt verteld in twee Noorse fabelsdie met enig recht beschouwd kunnen worden als de eerste overgeleverde teksten van Noord-Amerikaanse oorsprong.

Toen een aantal Engelse acteurs in het zuiden aankwamen en stukken opvoerden op verschillende locaties betekende dit het echte begin van het Amerikaans theater. In spite of its gloomy vision, Ichabod—like all jeremiad sermons—ends on a note of millenarian hope: Tijdens de Amerikaanse Onafhankelijkheidsoorlog werden er in totaal politieke pamfletten gepubliceerd, waarvan de Amerikaanse Onafhankelijkheidsverklaring uit van Thomas Jefferson en de Federalist Papers uit het bekendst geworden zijn.

She was and is accounted a person of real Piety and Integrity. This molestation began soon after a Controversie arose between Desborough and another person, about a Chest of Clothes which the other said that Desberough did unrighteously retain: Only I have been careful to prevent them; and as to the substance of each passage, I am well assured it is according to Truth.

This was likely in reference to the title of a work by the Roman historian Procopius Anekdotawhich remained unpublished during his lifetime, as it was rife with scandalous accounts of the doings of Roman officials in Constantinople during the reign of the emperor Justinian, as well as attacks on the emperor himself.

De publicatie dateert van Even more than his illustrious son Cotton, Increase Mather, is representative of American Puritanism in seventeenth-century New England. Several Cocks; of English-hay [60] mowed near the house were taken and hung upon Trees ; and some made into small whisps, and put all up and down the Kitchin, Cum multis aliis, [61] etc.

Feb 26,  · -Increase Mather, “Remarkable Providences: An Essay for the Recording of Illustrious Providences,” Boston:Early English Books Online. -Deodat Lawson, “A Brief and True Narrative,” Boston: Benjamin Harris,Early English Books Online.

Increase Mather (), wrote An Essay for the Recording of Illustrious Providences in This work was a summary of how people were rescued from both supernatural and natural disasters.

Increase Mather Papers

Some historians believed Puritan leaders used this work to justify the Salem witch trials of Among his books is An Essay for the Recording of Illustrious Providences (), a compilation of stories showing the hand of divine providence in rescuing people from natural and supernatural disasters.

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Increase Mather

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["An Essay for the Recording of Illustrious Providences"], [] (MHS) Three fragments: Chapter I (draft in the hand of Mather) [2],[2], p.; Chapter X (draft in the hand of Mather) 5 p. on 4 leaves; Chapter I (fair copy in another hand with annotations by Mather) 11, [1] p.

An essay for the recording of illustrious providences 1684
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